Bureau of Investigation

The District Attorney's Office-Bureau of Investigation is currently comprised of 12 inspectors who conduct a wide variety of criminal investigations.  All are sworn peace officers and have extensive investigative experience.  Duties include investigating all types of crime under the District Attorney's jurisdiction, including misconduct by public officials, officer involved critical incidents consisting of on-duty police officer shooting deaths and in-custody deaths, complex investigations involving homicide, sexual assault, kidnap, embezzlement, fraud and theft, elder abuse, insurance fraud and worker's compensation fraud, environmental and consumer fraud investigations and parental abduction investigations.

The Bureau investigates crimes arising out of the abuse of the judicial process.  These crimes may include perjury, intimidation of witnesses, falsifying evidence and conspiracy to obstruct justice.  These crimes are typically referred to the District Attorney by judges in whose courts the offense occurred.

The Bureau of Investigation currently contracts with the San Mateo County Division of Child Support Services in locating and arresting wanted subjects.

In addition to the above, Bureau inspectors locate and interview suspects and witnesses, assist in grand jury investigations, write search warrant affidavits, serve search warrants, conduct searches for fugitivies, conduct surveillance, make arrests and appear and testify as witnesses in criminal and civil cases.

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